I am interested in notation as a graphic score that can be perceived by the body and used as a way of communicating movement direction through ideas of visual empathy and embodied phenomenology. For me painting and mark making provides a route into capturing the patterns and rhythm that the body can respond to in a physical way. Previous examples I have made have included floor based drawings that include repetitive rhythmic gestural lines with repeated shapes. My main influence is the artist Agnes Martin, whose formal simplicity is for me subverted by the hand drawn lines within her work, which adds feeling and complexity. I enjoy how the natural aberrations (because of the hand drawn lines) sometimes make it look like her drawings are vibrating; in this sense I feel her work could be used as choreographic object to inform movement work. I am also inspired by artists Paul Klee, Deborah Hay and the anthropologist Tim Ingold, whose study of line forms has informed my research.
The marks that constitute my own work are actually extremely personal and revealing. They are derived from my movement ‘stimming’. My work is about restricted gestures. In performing everyday life there are accepted gestures and movements, these marks on canvas represent the excess of restricted gestures that I repress. The marks show the patterns of my movements, iterative and sequential; I consider how these should occupy space.

Some of this work was shown as part of Movement LeftBank Leeds 2017

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