Guerilla Art Lab Takeover, Attenborough Arts Centre

My own experiments within this collective takeover took the form of working with line forms as notation for movement – creating scores through analogue and digital projection. I developed the scores from hand drawn slides and cine film. I created cine film with drawn gestural lines – experimenting with repetitive body based movement and drawing over the 8mm cine film, the film captures only slices of the gesture – and when played the film is disjointed and sporadic not continuous like the sweeping form used to create it.

Alongside this work I created a simple touch activated installation that created sound in response to the imagery, this allowed me a platform to use the projections as a score for movement.

All images by David Wilson Clarke

Guerilla Art Lab as a collective created live art performance takeovers in the space to which visitors were invited, including a Contact Improvisation group.


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