Participatory drawing and Linear distortion for movement based work

Ecological perception through drawing; notation and bodily movement in the gallery site, with a practice-based emphasis on drawing as a means to generate performance.

In the beginning I opened up the drawing process to participants in the gallery, inviting them to draw on strips of canvas or directly onto the 8mm film. I caught the intersections of the mark making across the length of the film.

When the film starts to isolate, discrete instances of movement – a staccato suggestion of the extension ; this results in  jolts of mark making, not smooth extensions of line. I like how the film starts to fragment gestural movement, this became a choreographic score for movement work. The film inhabits the space of the gallery and becomes embodied through the performance, where sounds are triggered.


rotoscoping animation (drawn on every 6th frame) contrasted  the static build of slide film with 8mm cine film at 24fps

I programmed the sound of the cine player into copper strips that could be activated by touch, creating a playful surface for bodily interaction. In learning how we might begin to communicate, through notation, the tacit awareness of the experience of the body in response to site, I am exploring how we can then use and create notation to inform or structure our corporeal experiences of site.  I am interested in using notation both as description and instruction. Notation in this project is used as a method of documenting movement and as a way of creating movement.


This work was later developed further for GAL residency at Attenborough Arts Centre, January 2017.

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