Congregation Performance



Congregation is a movement piece by Sam Metz designed for and commissioned by The National Centre for Craft and Design.

Choreographed by Abigail Parsons and Produced by Sophie Swoffer.


It responds to the exhibition Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect explores artists’ responses to adversity. Craft has been used throughout history to give people a voice, offer a creative output in challenging times and rebuild communities, families and lives following a disaster. The contemporary artists selected to exhibit in Cause and Effect take inspiration from personal tragedies, international disasters and unfortunate events (…)  National Centre For Craft and Design


  1. The act of assembling.
  2. A body of assembled people or things; a gathering.

A durational performance in the gallery site.


The gallery becomes a site for the repeated gathering of bodies together – a congregation. The congregations will form between artworks.

The piece revolves around a periodic shifting of bodies, moving around the gallery space. A collection of bodies form at certain points, this isn’t timed – although the interactions will seem ritualistic to the viewer. One participant becomes the venerated subject that the congregation attempt to care for through physical presence. The idea of simply giving physical presence en-masse to a chosen participant creates an interesting dynamic that questions what it means to challenge adversity – literally an offering of support becomes an offering of embodied presence.

The temporal nature of giving presence and support is questioned by the time based piece, where congregations form that are unpredictable and out of sequence suggesting the ephemeral nature of being and the passing of time.

The chosen subject emerges organically in the performance and includes at times an audience member. The piece is staged to shift attention between performers, audience and artwork.

Visually the performers become physical sculptures that rearrange and form new arrangements around the gallery over time.

The piece runs for up to an hour.

Congregation on the 18th of June was performed by members of GuerillaArtLab and Jo Dacombe, Guerilla Art Lab is an important space in Nottingham for live art and performance @GuerillaArtLab. It was a space to workshop ideas for congregation.


Congregation on the 18th of June was performed by

Sarah Todino

Rachel Parry


Annette Foster

Abigail Parsons

Jo Dacombe

Sophie Swoffer

Sam Metz



Julian Stair Monument piece in Cause and Effect, Art Rabbit image

Images of performance  by LauraBakerImages


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