Nervous Gender Aktions

13237747_1724567517755273_639794281043490389_n (1)

Myself and David Clarkson recently collaborated for May’s event, Tetrad ‘Hot Mess’ at NonSuch Theatre Nottingham.

Tetrad is an artist led collective offering performance opportunities in the East Midlands.

We performed an Aktion piece developed from the work of Annette Foster and Guerilla Art Lab. Guerilla Art Lab is a live art and performance group in Nottingham.

Aktion performance

is a two person performance that explores the idea of nervous gesturing across the male and female body. In one body the gesturing might look vulnerable and in the other might be viewed as an attempt to occupy space –  and even threatening. The performers  interrogate the idea of embodying nervousness and translation and in doing so question the gendering of these aktions.

David Clarkson is a comedy performer his practice explores comedy characters and personas and reinvents the stand up environment to explore a darker side of humour.
images by JD Grant

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