Digital Participatory Schools Project


Photo by Vika Nightingale


This project formed part of Garcia Partnership Project See;

I worked with Seely Primary School in 2015 in Nottingham, taking a creative journey thinking about how to capture ideas around visual empathy and transcription in the work of Cy Twombly which was being exhibited at Nottingham Contemporary as part of Glen Ligon’s exhibition Encounters and Collisions.


Photo from amazonaws


His large gestural paintings provided a stimulus for thinking about notions of movement, gesture and transcription. Whilst allowing us scope to think about how we might be able to translate the drawings into different media e.g. sound and film.

We explored the work in a number of ways;

Physically by creating a string installation that we had to negotiate with our bodies

Through working with analogue film – drawing on cine film by scratching into leader tapeĀ considering how we could stretch our drawings over a number of frames to view the loops that are present in Twomblys work. This also reminded us of our own body movements.

With sounds – creating tones with our voices that reflected the shapes of the work.

Through drawing creating large scale gestural drawing

Creating sound paintings with conductive paint


Only after this range of exploration were we ready to share some of the work as part of the celebration. This became an installation that included interactive elements of our journey into thinking about Twombly’s work. Including films of our cine scratching experiments and interactive sound paintings that played back our experimentation with the imagined sound of Twombly’s work which was triggered along with the sounds by participants.

The process nature of this work was fascinating. The complex range of ideas that came from the young people as a result of engaging with a work in a number of forms – discussion, physicality, making etc was very positive.




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