Preparation for TATE sharing event, digital participatory practice

Hay poetics image

Participants create text provocations that become triggers for movements.

These are delivered from a number of key schemes;


Direction (axial)

Interaction (space, people)


The text created forms a schema that is generative. The text is spoken and recorded and played into the space.

The spoken provocations are triggered by moving bodies.

The provocations build as new text is added throughout the session.

The participants will be briefed about the idea of impressions hearing – where experience is structured by the body –

‘building fragments of directions – touches here and there, and unquestioningly responding with the body’;

Participants will capture fragments of the provocations text. The group create movements that are triggered by the words they hear and each other’s ’performing bodies’ crossing over in the space. The reactions should be guided by the body and led by the body, not by habitual movement or a willingness to perform. This approach is directly taken from Deborah Hay who asks;

“What if the body is the site where an experiment takes place?”

What if my body is my leader?

New recordings will be made throughout the session – the piece is generative.

Equipment – sound recorder, touch boards, tin foil, wires, microphone, laptop

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