Tricketts Park/ Greenway Project

Greenway Project
The film is a result of workshops I delivered inspired by Mark Lewis Children’s Games (featured in the Somewhat Abstract exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary). It contains footage – stills, video and CAD renders created by young people at the Greenway Centre in partnership with Nottingham Contemporary.
I encouraged young people to explore the idea of rolling shots initially filming their feet and then filming through objects and guiding the cameras.I initially just wanted to experiment with Dolly shots but it became much more interesting to see how the participants learned to use panning shots and more scopic shots by initially filming the feet of other group members (a process I introduced in the first session at the gallery, Nottingham Contemporary) and later by moving the camera to replicate this effect. I enjoyed the lack of smoothness in some of the shots the young people created.
The gliding shots in Mark Lewis film seemed very familiar to me in their similarity to architectural renderings (Lewis uses the gliding shot to show how the utopic visions of the urban space have failed). I decided to show the young people how to create CAD models of the Greenway site so that I could then use them in our film.The young people used Sketchup which is a free google software, I have placed camera points on these to link all their footage together. The young people were experimental and playful. We took shots as a group, using and playing in the Greenway centre and experimented with Lewis’ idea of choreographed games.

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