Material Resistance

Turning the ‘full stop’ of objects in the world into the transparency permitted by thinking about flows of materials and gestural movements that bring objects into being.

Listing processes and approaches.

Replication/ experimentation.

The possibility of recreating marks on substrates that represent the textility (or lack of) of the object or tactile feedback proffered by the object. The work becomes about the process of doing here and is related to embodied phenomenological engagement.

Translations and extensions. Translating the movement generated through using the object into different contexts…..

Extending the movements of usage outwards to emphasise engagement. I have done similar experiments using piano wire to create extensions of the hand. The ‘frustrated touch’ generated by walking in immersive spaces with interesting tectonic surfaces is mediated here. The changing physical environment (e.g. undulations) is exacerbated by vibrations – these form a translation of response from visual to haptic.


Re-imagining touching the object.

Consideration of smooth and textured surfaces.

Study of surfaces that reflect usage, surfaces that obfuscate provenance.

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