Handling tools as inspiration

This artwork created as a handling tool for the Nottingham Contemporary hosting of Mark Leckey’s exhibition ‘The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things’ has marked a turning point in the way I am considering following the project.

Designed as a simple interactive tool for very young visitors who press switches to buzz for man made objects or to flash a light for natural objects, the handling tools are a simple reaction to black box technologies, they look to reveal the workings of the buzzer and light they contain.


Buzz boxes

My work demonstrates the problems I am looking to unpack, of particular interest to me is creating the antithesis of black box technologies, showing and not obfuscating the workings of the object.

2 responses to “Handling tools as inspiration

  1. My thesis involves developing tools for designers/architects to use when encountering/investigating a site. I find this blog entry very interesting and would like to see more about these boxes or other tools you have developed.

    • Hi there I found your blog interesting too. I am looking at philosophy of technology through the lens of design anthropology. My work more recently investigates how surfaces of technology (noting that more technology is becoming dematerialised) impacts on our ability to imagine and render ourselves in future environments. My experiments recently have been in exaggerating touch (extensions of the body influenced by M-Ponty/Heidegger and phenomenology more generally). I haven’t made any other technologies but I am also looking to develop tools after RnD. So would be interested in collaboration!

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