Framing my research

technologyDesign Anthropology regards objects in the world as intertwined with creative process, rather than a ‘repository of complete objects’ (Ingold, 2012). Similarly John Dewey the American pragmatist philosopher in his work Art as Experience talks about how artists explore the qualities of materials and how their ideas emerge from the process of making. Artists immerse themselves in materials and ideas and stories emerge, the ideas emerge out of experience of materials in the world (this prescribes objects a lack of fixity). The activities that create objects are gestural; design anthropology therefore investigates the inscriptions that creative movement yields. (Ingold, 2012)
Of interest to me is the removal of this gestural provenance in objects – a negation of the heuristic trial and error generative process of making represented by streamlined surfaces that fail to tell stories of making or usage.

Ingold, T., 2012. Anthropological Studies of Creativity and Perception. In: W. Gunn & J. Donovan, eds. Design and Anthropology. Surrey: Ashgate, p. xv.
Dewey, J. (2005). Art as experience. Penguin. com.

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